The Realms of Adventure

The Crypt of the Amberguls

The adventurers were hired to explore the Crypt of Ambergul family near Daggerford. A wanted wizard called Darwa Dalion who associates with Red Wizards of Thay has lead an expedition there. She is after an altar dedicated to Elemental Evil.

The adventurers were trapped in the crypts.

Completed: Fane of the Sun Swallower

Lizard Marsh near Daggerford: Sent by Sir Isteval. Encountered diseased lizard folk who are usually peaceful and an Orc shaman called mama booga on quest to loot dragon cave because, it took an ancient altar to an unknown god, the designs look like umberlee’s altars though we must not confront the dragon, Another altar which was probably linked to the one the dragon took. They encountered some Lizard Men and were told of a large Black Dragon. The Lizard Men smeared mud on themselves for an undetermined reason. After traveling in the direction indicated by the Lizard Men they came to a small island upon which stood a large, domed, rectangular temple with a northern entrance. Inside they saw the altar, a dung heap with luminescent beetles crawling on it , some diseased Lizard Men and three corridors on the leading east or west.

Made a deal with the Black Dragon, Thoss Fyurnen, claimed to be the Chosen of Talona, and got the altar. But were betrayed by someone impersonating Maechen, a guardswoman. She stole the altar.

COMPLETED: Stage Misdirection

The performing arts have always been popular in Waterdeep, but the competition for best actor has become cutthroat, especially when a cult of Asmodeus becomes involved.

You have gained several contacts in the Waterdeep City Watch: Kosef Marsk, a Civilar in Castle Ward, and Zane Wyndael, a Civilar in South Ward. When you are in the appropriate district, they can provide you with additional information on current investigations or criminal suspects.

You earned the gratitude of various wealthy, influential patrons of the arts in the City of Splendors. These nobles will vouch for you as trustworthy and may assist you in obtaining employment or invitations to social events. Your powerful friends have many connections. Among them is Ariadne Aporos.

You have a contact in Downshadow: Morthos, a tiefling crime lord, fixer, and fence. Morthos can offer information about criminal activities in Downshadow, and stays abreast of the general news and gossip throughout Waterdeep.

You have come to the attention of Regent Rauvin Dare, whether for good or ill.

COMPLETED: The Slaying Stone


Terios, Talindra Eveningfall, Kairon, and Gaius the Lionar were given a quest by Kiris Alkirk to get a Slaying Stone from a goblinoid stronghold of Gorizbadd, the old Teshwave. They were told the stone could be in the Old Library, in one of the Temples, or in the Kiris Estate. They were given three ritual scrolls by Treona that can help them locate the stone. Treona also asked them to retrieve arcane writings from the ruins. Terios, whose background is Goblin Foe, has a quest to destroy a goblin tyrant, while Kairon, whose background is Defender of the Oppressed, has a quest to free an opressed people. They crossed the river and stealthily infiltrated through the slums. They found one was occupied by kobolds and they convinced them that they would aid them in a rebellion against the goblins, so they were shown where the leader, Speelock, is. They found speelock and made an alliance,the kobolds will distract the goblins while the adventurers find the stone. They went to the library where they found an alcolve in there where the slaying stone had been it was concealed by a wall panel that had been ripped off by something with claws and brass scales (brass dragon they are selfish, talkative, and refuse to converse with rude and disrespectful people plus they like warm places so there must be central heating or something else). Also they completed the quest: collect arcane writings. As they headed to the temples they saw a goblin being interigated by an orc of the severed eye tribe they followed her and defeated her and broke a portal she said she was hired by a lady who wanted her to find the slaying stone. they went to temple of selune and found a man called kiris hoyt nephew and true air to teshwave who confirmed their suspicions that a brass dragon was in the hot springs of the bath district. They were then attacked by goblins when they found out kiris was a wererat they killed the goblins and made a deal where kiris hoyt would help them find the slaying stone and reward them when he was king in return for them aiding his acsension to the throne. He now knows kairons plot to see if kiris alkirk is trying to win the throne and use the slaying stone for his own ends. they found a brass dragon bargained with him and he said that if tey killed the hobgoblin leader he would give them the slaying stone. they got the slaying stone but could not find kiris hoyt. When they left Gorizbadd a.k.a. Teshwave they were ambushed by Orcs. When they deafeated the Orcs Kiaron questioned thier leader the Orc said after pesuasion “If I tell you who hired us to do this you must promise to let me go” he told them that Dreus, who has a base near Voonlar, had told them to do retrive the slaying stone so Kairon, Terios, Guius and Tilindra let the Orc captive Vohx go. When they got to Kiris Alkirk and Triona they said they wouuld destroy the stone by testing it on a squirrel or something. They told Triona about Dreus and she sonded surpised and she said that she had seen her many years ago when she went to study magic with her in Waterdeep. They also told her about Kiris Hoyte but this time Kiris Alkerk butted in and said I haven’t seen that boy in years how did he servive The adventureres went to Gorizbadd a.k.a. Teshwave and killed an animal with the stone.

COMPLETED: Revenge of the Giants - Frost Giants


they saved ironmaster from a frost giant raid. the fixed huts and defeated slaads found a divine engine and have a boat that takes you to the elemental chaos. they traveled to the frost spire and had their ship damaged they found frost giants and owlbears trying to escape the island also the island is a broken spear shaft of tempus when he killed swlkaar. they found a map which showed them the island the found gorics hut and made a deal they would kill the wizard and smith and throw their heads into the great jaarls tomb in exchange for the key to the gate to the area where the divine engine piece was. they have found two bronze urns. they went to zaelex’s island and killed him even though he offered the same reward that goric offered if they killed goric and the smith they found a tome made of ice they now have three bronze urns. they killed the smith and met three ghosts who told them to bury their remains on the island of tombs. they buried the remains went to the jarls tomb killed his ghost and servants then made the key went to the gate and opened it. when they opened it they saw crimson fire over the ice and tentacles trying to break free they think that the giants are trying to free swlkar by melting the ice with the divine engine when they entered they saw a dead ancient white dragon which had its heart removed or sacrificed.

The heroes were defeated by Breven Foss and Ice Titan Glacier, but they did take out Jarl Gnugnurson, and the primordial Suulkar was not freed. They were rescued by Kaseem, the djinn, who brought them back to Myth Argentil to recuperate. However, Breven Foss got hold of a further piece of the Divine Engine.

COMPLETED: Revenge of the Giants - Threefold Alliance

they got the realm of lurar, citadel adbar and many arrow keep to unite against the oncoming horde of frost and fire giants.

Many Hands Make Light Work

Glimeral, Gwenn, Keyleth and Tordek captured a halfling of the fire knives organisation for some priests who wanted to buy the temple but he was squating there. they are in Westgate

COMPLETED: The Prospect

In Harrowdale, Glimeral, Gwenn, Keyleth and Tordek befriended Lin-Woh Chang of The Chang Emporium gaining a token of recognistion after that they met a drow named Yellira Am’benuinyl she said she had a job for them they went to the club that she ran: The Fall of Stars. they made a deal with the owner Kira Nenthyn where they retrieved some papers which proved that she inherited the temple of mystra in return for free membership in her club and 300gp. they went to the cellars of the temple and found smugglers who they questioned and found out that a man called pain would come and collect the goods often teiflings have names like that. they have the papers. when they exited they found a man outside and asked him what he was doing he said he was going to buy it off Kira Nenthyn and turn it into a base against the netherese. they have a suspicion he is pain. they got their reward and have been asked to investigate wether or not Aron Selkirk is a liar or a good ally.

COMPLETED: Revenge of the Giants - Earth Giants

their leader is an earth titan and they are supposed to track him and destroy him. after their success in finding skymetal they went to the prison and questioned the hill giant he told them there were giant tracks which they could follow they came across a giant patrol which they convinced into believing they were loyal slaves trying too get back to the giants when they got there they located the leaders house they went in through the back door and defeated the suprised giants and drake they found a box which created a link between them and Breven Foss then they defeated another drake and prepered to fight the titan…which they didn’t fight but instead there were giants who they crushed in three rounds. they went through the door got into a fight skaro fell down a hole and played war against the earth/hill giant/titan whatever and then heard about a frost giant called jarl. then they pulled skaro out the hole and prepered to fight the titan (again in skaros case)… they demolished the giants and found out that there was a frost titan called jaarl but when they killed earth shaker he exploded which meant his spirit had survived.

COMPLETED: Revenge of the Giants - Understanding the Divine Engine

elementalist who stole some of the divine engine is called Breven Foss and is allied with the hill giant leader called Earthshaker and is supposed to look like a moving hill a.k.a: a hill titan. they found out that the astral giants in the temple of inchoate mysteries knew where the pieces of the divine engine was. they found out that tiamat was aiding the primordials with her minions the leader of the group was a drider and had put apainting of tiamat on a altar with an albino drow priestess, a black dragonborn, a young green dragon, gargantuan red dragon and a blue one they found the ritual to fix the engine and found out where the pieces are
1 in sundabar
2 in flame fall
1 in frost spire
1 in iron master


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