A dragonborn fighter from Tymanther who is known for his icy breath and formidable fullblade.


Gentle giant except when it comes to enemies. Loves nature but knows nothing about it. Over competitive. Hates unfairness. Has got a great sense of humour except when a practical joke is played on him. Does not mind being used as bait. Hates traitors. Loves meatloaf, pepporoni pizza, mashed potato, meatballs and lasanga and can be bribed with them. Carries his eggshell with him. Is interested in the dawn war. Yellow scales, night blue eyes, silverish claws and teeth, long hair. Armour with bits of white on it. When he fights he says die and take that.
84000gp for enchant armour
52000gp for enchant weapon
needs 45000gp for waist slot

verve plate armour
jagged fullblade,feyslaughter fullblade,masters fullblade
silversky tabard
circlet of arkhosia
silver dragon standard
amulet of reseloution,amulet of life
iron armbands of power
gloves of ice
eager heroes tatoo
siberys shard of merciless cold
iron ring of the dwarf lords,ring of regeneration, ring of free time,
ring of the dragonborn emperor
boots of dancing

18 draconic arrogance
20 weapon focus heavy blade
21 heavy blade mastery
22 epic reflexes
24 draconic triumph
26 epic will
28 heavy blade opportunity
30 epic fortitude

19 strike of the watchful guard


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