Waterdeep, also known as the City of Splendors or the Crown of the North is the most important and influential city in the North and perhaps in all Faerûn. Waterdeep is named for its outstanding natural deep water harbor, and the city that grew up at this site has become the commercial crossroads of the northern Realms. The city sprawls northward from the sea, spreading along the flanks of Mount Waterdeep, which used to be home to the Melairkyn, a mithral-mining dwarven clan. The halls of Undermountain located beneath the city are a popular target for adventurers.

Masked Lords of Waterdeep
One open lord (Dagult “Dagger” Neverember) and about twenty Masked Lords rule Waterdeep and meet usually once a tenday in secret conclave or open court. The Masked Lords all appear identical due to identical magical black helms, silver masks, and black robes that veil their appearance and voice. They all appear to be 6 feet tall with the same physique and their voices are deep, hollow baritones (even if the Lord is a lady). No magic will reveal them and the items are rumored to offer magical protections. The Lords are rumored to have magic amulets and rings as well but the reliability of any streetwise information is suspect. The penalty for impersonating a Masked Lord is death, enforced by the Blackstaff.

Waterdeep map

Laws of Waterdeep

The First Plaint: Crimes Against The Lords
Severe Offenses: Treason, Assault Upon or Impersonation of a Lord, Assault Upon or Impersonation of a Magister, Forgery of an Official Document
Serious Offenses: Theft, Vandalism or Arson Against the City, Impersonation of Guardsman or Officer of the Watch, Repetition of Lesser Offenses, Willful Disobedience of any Edict Uttered Against One by a Lord
Lesser Offenses: Unlawful Observation or Copying of an Official Document, Assault Upon Any City Officer Who is Acting in the Line of Duty.
Minor Offenses: Blasphemy against Lord, Magister or any City Officer

The Second Plaint: Crimes Against the City
Severe Offenses: Poisoning of City Wells, Murder, Spying, Sabotage
Serious Offenses: Fraud, Fencing Stolen Goods, Unlawful Dueling, Murder with Justification, Repetition of any Lesser Offenses
Lesser Offenses: Bribery of a City Officer or Official; Hindrance of City Watch/Guards in their Duty
Minor Offenses: Bribery, Unlawful Flight over the City, Blasphemy Against Foreign Ambassadors, Vagrancy, Littering (includes relief of human wastes in public), Brandishing a Weapon Dangerously or Threatening without Due Cause, Dangerous Operation of a Coach, Wagon or other Conveyance.

The Third Plaint: Crimes Against the Gods
Severe Offenses: Defiling of a Holy Place
Serious Offenses: Theft of Temple Goods or Offerings, Tomb-Robbing, Repetition of any Lesser Offense
Lesser Offenses: Assault Upon a Priest or Lay Worshipper
Minor Offenses: Public Blasphemy of a God or Priesthood, Drunkenness and Disorderly Conduct at Worship

The Fourth Plaint: Crimes Against Citizens
Severe Offenses: Arson, Rape, Assault Resulting in Mutilation or Crippling, Magical Assault, Forgery, Slavery
Serious Offenses: Robbery, Burglary, Theft or Killing of Livestock, Repetition of a Lesser Offense, Usury
Lesser Offenses: Damage to Property, Assault (Wounding), Assault on Livestock, Unlawful Hindrance of Business
Minor Offenses: Assault (without wounding or robbery), Excessive Noise


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