The Realms of Adventure

COMPLETED: The Prospect

In Harrowdale, Glimeral, Gwenn, Keyleth and Tordek befriended Lin-Woh Chang of The Chang Emporium gaining a token of recognistion after that they met a drow named Yellira Am’benuinyl she said she had a job for them they went to the club that she ran: The Fall of Stars. they made a deal with the owner Kira Nenthyn where they retrieved some papers which proved that she inherited the temple of mystra in return for free membership in her club and 300gp. they went to the cellars of the temple and found smugglers who they questioned and found out that a man called pain would come and collect the goods often teiflings have names like that. they have the papers. when they exited they found a man outside and asked him what he was doing he said he was going to buy it off Kira Nenthyn and turn it into a base against the netherese. they have a suspicion he is pain. they got their reward and have been asked to investigate wether or not Aron Selkirk is a liar or a good ally.



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