Heirs of Mirt

The Heirs of Mirt is a society of Waterdhavian adventurers whose members vow to defend Waterdeep against all enemies, to uphold the values of Waterdeep (such as fighting corruption), and to aid the helpless. The society is very new, having been sponsored by Renar Neverember, son of the Open Lord.

Location: The group has a member’s hall in Castle Ward within Waterdeep. The Heirs of Mirt are especially tied to Streets of Waterdeep Story Area.

Heraldry: The members are given a silver wolf’s head signet ring (non-magical).

Requirements: To join the Heirs of Mirt, a character must meet the following requirements:
• Citizen of Waterdeep. Foreigners are not accepted as members so long as their loyalties lie with other realms. If they make their residence in and become citizens of Waterdeep in the future, they may join at that time.
• Story award WATE14 or WATE24, or a total of two favors granted by other story awards. Most story awards that grant favors note that in the text (note that this is a change in the requirements and you should therefore substitute 2 for 7 as the total number of favors required in previous story awards). However, the following story awards can also be used for this purpose (they predate the forming of the organization): WATE02, WATE05, and WATE10.
Responsibilities: The members are only required to be true to defending Waterdeep. If at anytime, they cannot do that, then they should resign. The Society hopes to be trusted as a militia that provides backup for the City Guard for the defense of the City. The membership may decide to undertake civic projects in the future.

• Membership benefits include the usage of the hall which serves as a social club with meals, drinks and private meeting rooms. The members’ hall also offers long-term secure storage. Members may bring guests.
• Patrons seeking adventurers may post notices here or come in person seeking help. Sometimes the society itself may sponsor an adventure.
• Healing (from the local temples) is available at cost (no markup) when arranged through the Society. During adventures in Waterdeep, members paying the appropriate gold cost can always locate a ritual caster to cure them of their afflictions or raise them from the dead (provided a body could be recovered).
• Once a year (tracked in real time by the player), the Society can arrange for a member who died on a mission to be raised from the dead, provided the body is brought to the member’s hall.
• The members may use a private permanent teleportation circle within the members’ hall of the Heirs of Mirt.
• Tickets to current entertainment events in Waterdeep are available at half price.
• Members gain a +2 bonus to Streetwise checks within Waterdeep, and a +1 bonus to Streetwise checks in any urban location other than Waterdeep.

Ex-Members: Should a member leave the Society, they will not be allowed to rejoin later barring express exception by the Society to rejoin (in the form of campaign documentation.). Rumors circulating within Waterdeep about their departure will result in a -2 penalty to Diplomacy checks within Waterdeep. If the story award favors (originally used to justify admission) had additional benefits, those favors are considered void (and should be marked such) as your patron feels betrayed. The ex-member will not be welcomed as a guest within the members’ hall.

Heirs of Mirt

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